Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Great Moving Disaster

Oh.... Where do I begin.
Maybe I just won't. I'm so exhausted even thinking about it. So many things are broken. We have been in our home for 4 weeks with NOTHING... and then FINALLY get our stuff, and we have things missing, tons of stuff broken, parts to my kitchen table gone- my dining table THRASHED... irreplaceable collectibles gone forever.... I am beyond words.
I keep telling myself- It's just STUFF.... they are only THINGS.... it all truly IS replaceable...
But it still makes me sad, and I am still really pissed off. This is NOT how business should be done... especially at a price tag of SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. I am going to go throw up now, and wallow in self pity for a moment or two.... then get unpacking. =) Boohoo.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Apple Picking at Mac's Apple Orchard....

We went to Mac's Apple Orchard today with Ava's School... it was BEYOND fun! We had such a blast! The babies kept taking bites of apples, throwing them and grabbing another.... I guess to see if they tasted as good...???? They LOVED it! They just kept running from tree to tree... we had to watch carefully to make sure they didn't eat the icky apples on the ground!

Ava and Charlotte and Lilly just ran and ran gathering as many apples as they could, even after our bushel was full... we ate apples until we were sick. (The orchard let's you eat as many as you want while you pick...) And then we got to run through the pumpkin patch... which we are going to go back to in a couple weeks when Nanna and Papa come to visit. We got lots of fun pics.... it was a blast!

It is just so beautiful here! A few of the leaves have started to change color a bit... it's warm, but you can feel the fall crispness starting to chill the air in the evenings..... I can't wait to experience the New Hampshire Autumn I keep hearing about! I hope the leaves are still changing while my parents are here!