Monday, April 7, 2008

A Lovely Day for a Walk... And Ava's Comedy!

Today, we went for a walk as a family... our first real walk this spring... it has been a LONG winter!!! Almost six months of snow! The most snow in 100 years! Boy did we pick a year to move to NH!
Anyway... it was a beautiful, sunny day.... Ava ran ahead of us, and we kept giving her, "Red light," so she would stop until we gave her a "green light," to go again. We got to a hill going down, and she was toward the bottom, and we were at the top with the babies in the stroller... she turned around, put her hands on her hips, and said, "BOOGIE ON DOWN... Mom and Dad!" And giggled... We laughed and laughed... Where does this kid get this stuff? Oh she does my heart good.
It was a lovely walk. When it was time to go in, the babies threw a fit like I've not seen for a while... especially Lilly... as if we would never take them outside again... They kept screaming, "Go! Go! Ow-Side, Ow-Side!" So sad! But, the poor little dears were beyond exhaustion, and quickly went to sleep once in their cribs. Hopefully it will be a nice day again tomorrow.