Friday, September 21, 2007

New Van!

Woohoo... We picked up our new van today... it rocks! DVD, GPS! (Thank HEAVENS! How else will I find my way across these rivers, around these winding, one-way streets, and through these tree hidden valleys... this is insane! The comforts of grid-happy Utah Streets will be missed.) The doors all open with buttons on my key-chain... the list goes on and on...

So we finally got out of the hotel! HORRAY... and drove around... We drove to the new house, and through the neighborhood, and around Bedford a little... then we tried to find something to eat... but didn't have a lot of luck! We had to drive back to Manchester for food! I don't know my way around Bedford yet! Grrr!

Can't wait till we can get out of the hotel and move in! Yesterday we got locked out of our room- actually the door jammed, and the staff couldn't get it to open and had to call a locksmith... the BAD news was that we were all swimming.... so the babies, Ava, Rachel and I were all in swimming suits... were freezing... the babies were exhausted, desperately needed diapers changed- everyone was hungry.... it was not a happy hour at the hotel. To say the least. So getting the car today so we have the freedom to LEAVE the place if we want to was a very happy thing!!!! Woohoo!!!!! =)