Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Closed on Our House.... and We're Camping!!!

We closed on our house... and we are SOOO sick of the hotel situation... it is MISERABLE being crammed with 6 of us in that tiny space... so we went to Sam's club, bought some Aero blow-up beds, some blankets and pillows and Wal-Mart, and two porta-cribs for the twins... and we are gonna camp out in the house till our stuff gets here!
The house is FILTHY!!! Oh my gosh!!! So this way we can pour bleach all over the place, and scrub every inch before our stuff arrives.... and maybe even get some repairs and painting done... We'll see!
The kids are loving running around the big empty spaces! Haha!

Won't have an internet connection for a while probably.... =(